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Mexico platform

Walton Street has invested in real estate investment opportunities in Mexico for over 20 years.

Investment strategy

We take a diversified, value-add investment approach.

Our Mexico platform invests in value-add and opportunistic, Mexico-based commercial real estate.

Our dedicated Mexico team combines enduring experience and relationships in Mexico with the full power of Walton Street Capital resources.

Gross asset value of over USD $2.5 billion in commercial real estate investments in Mexico

Experience investing across all major asset classes in México: industrial, hospitality, retail, and residential

Sole focus in investment and management of real estate and real estate related assets

Proactive and hands-on culture; internal asset management capabilities

Proven experience

We are experienced real estate investors and managers.

Over 30 professionals in the Mexico office with support from the Walton Street Capital corporate offices have acquired, financed, managed, and sold real estate investments in Mexico for over 20 years and forged partnerships and relationships that last decades.


About Walton Street

Value-add & Opportunistic

A demonstrated ability to plan and execute.

We have decades of experience in Mexico investing in value-add/opportunistic investments across asset classes.


List Check Identify optimum risk-adjusted opportunities across asset classes
List Check Seek and create value in institutional-quality real estate assets
List Check Focus on risk mitigation

Our Mexico team

The Mexico platform is supported by a team of investment professionals in Mexico City.

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Federico Martin del Campo

Federico Martin del Campo

Managing Partner, CEO
Diego Gutierrez Aguayo

Diego Gutierrez

Managing Partner
Brett Rose

Brett Rose

Senior Principal
Eduardo Guemez

Eduardo Guemez

Yosef Wiznitzer

Yosef Wiznitzer

Senior Principal
Mauricio Deschamps

Mauricio Deschamps

Principal, CFO

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